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Teacher takes 18 year old idea and runs with it. Ends up making himself and others money in the process. Amen.

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bmprgrm is a new product (patent pending) that allows companies and organizations to transform a magnetic bumper sticker into a powerful – adaptable – and fun means of communicating real-time messages by loyal fans – supporters – or customers. bmprgrm enables companies and/or individuals to display messages via a magnetic bumper sticker with a clear plastic envelope attached to it. A logo can be seen through the plastic – but other pieces of paper or pre-produced signs can be inserted into the device to change the image that is being displayed. This device will serve as a mini-billboard that can be changed at any time and with little effort for the user. Images can be shared via email or a website image repository for printing and displaying, or can be produced and sent to people that will be eager to receive and display them.

Innovative & Engaging Marketing



This is no less than the integration of online connectivity with offline communications – a status update or new profile picture for the real world. bmprgrm creates the ability to share a communal message that is timely – geographically appropriate – and micro-targeted to optimize effectiveness. The user can also personalize messages based on templates suggested by an organization or share fully self-created material – be it text based – illustrated - or photographic. The possibilities are endless! Anyone with a message will benefit from utilizing this marketing tool. Companies or organizations that have traditionally used bumper stickers can benefit from the ability to update and change the massage – daily – seasonally – or based on current trends and needs. People that are reluctant to put traditional bumper stickers on their cars will be more inclined to share messaging now that the message can be removed and/or changed.

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